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Chicago Pneumatic CP83100 Hoist Open Front View

Chicago Pneumatic CP83100 Hoist

SKU: 8941083100
£572.37 Regular Price
£314.80Sale Price

High access up to 53.1 in / 1350 mm @ 500 Kg
High maneuvrability
Easy to use by only one operator
Fast operation
High stability
Access to low clearance car
Easy to storage

    • Hoist arm with 3 extension positions and pin locking mechanism
    • Handle at the back to easily move about
    • Swivel pump handle position
    • Release valve at the bottom of the cylinder
    • Turnable hook with safety clip
    • Double pump system
    • V shaped legs
    • Low profile nylon wheels with very low frame – 3.54 in - 90 mm
    • Foldable and compact with 2 wheels for moving the crane once folded
  • Model CP83100  
    Part number 8941083100  
    Description 1 Ton Foldable Workshop Crane  
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