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Chicago Pneumatic CP2037 Air Impact Screwdriver

Chicago Pneumatic CP2037 1/4" Hex Air Impact Screwdriver

SKU: 6151922037

Powerful torque & lightweight
Quick torque adjustment
Perfect for fast self-drilling applications

    • Straight impact screwdriver
    • 1/4" Hexagonal quick change
    • Double rocking dog Clutch
    • Reversible & lever start
    • Built-in power regulator
    • Ergonomic with suspension bail
  • Model CP2037
    Clutch type Impact (Double Rocking Dog)
    Discontinued yes
    Length 207 mm
    Net weight 0.82 kg
    Actual air consumption 6.1 l/s
    Actual air consumption 366 l/mn
    Free speed air consumption 6.1 l/s
    Air inlet thread size 1/4"
    Min. hose size 10 mm
    Sound pressure 88 db(A)
    Sound Power 99 db(A)
    Vibration ISO ISO-28927-2
    Vibration <2,5
    Vibration uncertainty (K) -
    Output drive 1/4"
    Handle type Straight
    Free speed 10000 rpm
    Max working torque 28 Nm
    Min working torque 18 Nm
    Diameter 62 mm
    Screw type very soft yes
    Screw type soft yes
    Screw type hard yes
    Bit holder Quick Change Hexagonal Female
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